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Ready to make a withdrawal? Fantastic! All we need from you is a few of your personal documents to verify your withdrawal and you'll be all set.

We want to make sure that you receive the fastest funds transfer possible, so please make sure that you provide us with accurate documentation that is properly uploaded.

Providing us with the correct information is easy. Here's what we need:

Proof of ID

Acceptable documents include:


Driving Licence

ID Card (Government Issued)

Your proof of ID document must:

  • Be in colour
  • Be valid
  • Have a clear photo
  • Have a signature
  • Have no cut-off edges

Proof of Address

Acceptable documents include:

Utility Bill (Gas, Water, Electric)

Bank Statement

Your proof of address document must:

  • Be in colour
  • Be issued in your name
  • Include your address
  • Have been issued within the last 3 months

Credit Card

If you choose to make a deposit with a credit card, we will need a copy of the card that you used before your next withdrawal. This step is required only once per credit card used. If you continue to use the exact same card, you won't need to complete this step again.

Please provide the following:

Front of card

  • Must be in colour
  • Only the first 4 digits and last 4 digits of the card must be visible
  • Cover the 8 middle digits of the card number

Submitting your documents is an easy process and you need to do it only once. Simply upload them via the cashier. Additional document uploads are required only if you’ve used a new credit card, a new payment method or changed any of your personal information (e.g. address, name, etc.). Happy withdrawing!

We check documents as quickly as possible, usually less than 12 hours. It could take longer if extra verification is needed, so if you haven’t heard from us within 48 hours, please contact customer support.