Gambling is a form of entertainment which should be enjoyed responsibly. It is not a way to earn fast money. Always avoid chasing losses and check your deposits regularly in the Transaction History to keep on top of your spending.

If you start depositing money meant for other things, like paying rent or bills, then consider a Self-Exclusion period. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the customer care team and they'll help you.

Responsible Gaming and Player Protection

It's important that our members enjoy themselves in the casino, but we understand that for some players, gaming can become a problem.

We want to protect our members from playing irresponsibly, so you can have a fun and enjoy a responsible gaming experience. That's why we have Deposit Limits, here you can set limitations on your account. Deposit Limits keeps players in control of their gaming - you can find the Deposit Limits under the 'Personal Settings' section.

No Underage Gambling

We do not allow players under the age of 18 to gamble. This is stated in the Terms and Conditions. Any player under the age of 18 who registers an account will have their account closed immediately.

ID is requested from all players and the date of birth is checked to ensure that no underage player has registered a false date of birth in order to play.

Implementation of Deposit Limits

All members have the option to restrict their daily, weekly and monthly deposit amounts. Just head to the Deposit Limits section in 'Personal Settings'. Here you can set limits and stay in control of your gaming or we can set limitations for you. However, for security reasons you'll need to send your request by email to the customer care team.

Play Limitation

If you need to take a break from DrueckGlueck, you can do so right away.

You can apply play limitations under the Deposit Limits section in 'Personal Settings'. There are three options, Cooling-Off, Temporary Suspension and Self-Exclusion, familiarise yourself with each limitation option before committing to one.

Any Self-Exclusion period will apply to ALL other casino accounts sharing the same license and will prevent you from opening new accounts on that license. For a list of the casinos under this license, click here.

We give you a Reality Check

Players can keep track of their gaming sessions with our Reality Check. If you have Reality Check enabled, a message will show during gameplay and alert you on how long you have been playing for, with the option to close the session and view your gambling activity.

To get your Reality Check time set up, click here to contact the customer care team.

We like to keep watchful eye

If our customer care team notice signs that suggest a member may have a gambling problem, we'll contact them regarding our Responsible Gaming policy and discuss applying deposit limits or other restrictions.

We have some friends that may be able to provide support and advice in overcoming problems with gaming:

If you are concerned about your gaming, click here to take a Self-Assessment test.

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