Slots Cup 2014

Terms & Conditions

Predict and Win

  • Only users who submitted a prediction ticket successfully are eligible for any prizes.
  • Users can select to predict any of the game combinations on a ticket. More predictions on a ticket can result in higher free spin amounts.
  • Only tickets where all predictions are correct are considered to be winning tickets. Any incorrect predictions will make the ticket a losing ticket.
  • Predictions you make will count for normal time only (90min).
  • A ticket can only be filled out once per day. Once predictions have been submitted they cannot be changed. Keep a screenshot of your ticket showing your confirmed predictions as proof for any dispute.
  • Predictions can only be made for the following match day. Only winning tickets will qualify for free spins. Free spin amounts are determined by the amount of predictions made for the day and by the amount of wagering made on the day the predictions are being submitted. Tables for the calculations can be viewed below.
  • The wagering on the day of making the prediction (the day before the relevant match(es) take(s) place) and the results on the following day are relevant to determine the amount of free spins. Example: For the match day on the 13/06/2014 the wagering on the 12/06/2014 are relevant as well as the predictions made on the 12/06/2014.

Prediction Table multipliers

Amount of predictions Free Spins
1 5
2 15
3 30
4 50

Wagering Multipliers

Wagering in EUR Multipliers
100 - 200 1
200 - 500 3
500 - 1500 8
1500+ 20

Example calculations:

A player who predicts 3 games correctly for the next day and wagers 800EUR will be rewarded with 240 free spins (30 x 8).
Another player who predicts 1 game correctly for the next day and wagers 250EUR will be rewarded with 15 free spins (5 x 3).

Winning Streak

  • Players need to have won in the Predict and Win Promotion for at least 3 consecutive days to claim their Winning Streak Reward
  • Players need to contact support to claim their reward the day after their last ticket won.
  • Any break of the winning streak caused by being inactive in the Predict and Win promotion or not having a winning ticket will reset the winning streak.
  • Claiming a winning streak reward will also reset the winning streak.
  • Winning Streak Rewards are given as a number of free spins which is determined by the free spins already won with winning tickets during the Predict and Win promotion and the amount of consecutive days won. View the table and examples below for clarification
  • The maximum amount of days for a winning streak claim is 6 days. After 6 days the winnings streak will be reset.

Winnings Streak Reward Table

Consecutive days won Reward Multiplier Example Spins won Winning Streak Reward
3 1 45 45
4 1.5 90 135
5 2 200 400
6 3 250 750


A player who wins in total 45 spins consecutively in 3 days can claim an additional Winning Streak reward of 45 spins.
Another player who wins 200 spins consecutively in 5 days can claim an additional Winning Streak reward of 400 spins.

Half Time Winner

  • The more deposits a user makes during a calendar day the more free spins will be awarded. The minimum amount of deposits to be considered for the Half Time Winner reward is 2.
  • The amount of free spins depends on the amount of deposits being made on any given day. The maximum amount of deposits that will be considered is 5 per day. See table below for the actual breakdown.
  • Every day a user can qualify for the Half Time Winner reward. A user needs to contact support and claim his Half Time Winner Reward.
  • Players can be a Half time Winner any day during the promotional time frame of the Slots Cup not only during match days.

Half Time Winner Reward Table

Deposits per day Reward
2 10
3 25
4 50
5 120

General Slots Cup Terms and Conditions

  • The promotional time frame is from 11/06/2014 until 13/07/2014.
  • This promotion is only for Real money players who have made at least 1 successful deposit.
  • This promotion can be cancelled for any reason without prior notice. A day starts at 0:00:01 GMT and ends at 23:59:59 GMT time.
  • Free spins for the Predict and Win promotion will be credited to the users the day after the relevant matches took place.
  • Free Spins for the Winning Streak will be credited after the claim has been verified and within 24 hours of the claim
  • Free Spins for the Half Time Winner promotion will be credited the day after the claim has been verified.
  • Free spins will be credited as claimable bonuses with 60 times wagering which can only be played in slots games. Free spins need to be claimed within 1 day.
  • The Free spins bonus equivalent for 5 free spins is 1EUR
  • Standard Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.